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During the last 5 years we have been experiencing far-reaching changes in the advertising world in general and in the digital sector in particular. The boundaries between digital and reality are almost completely blurred. Our communications are split across loads of channels, and naturally with organizations and brands from which we purchase products and services.


These changes require change in the way an organization works; Translate traditional internal organizational practices into innovative practices that connect departments (such as strengthening collaboration between sales, marketing and service).


Instead of a analyzing results by campaign, we should think of these as parts of a draining puzzle picturing our consumer. What campaigns have affected him? Have we been able to meet his need? If so, which channel is the most beneficial for them? In a world of ever-growing data, the challenge is connecting all of the organization's interfaces with the consumer to an overall, broad and rich customer image that will give us real insights into the customer's needs and interests, enabling us to make marketing much more responsive, relevant and coherent.


Sigal Van-krefeld

מטרת הקורס:  להקנות לבעלי עסקים ידע תאורטי וכלים פרקטיים לייעול תהליכי עבודה באמצעות אוטומציה שיווקית ופרסונליזציה בעידן הדיגיטלי.

ערך נילווה: היכרות תחום הדאטה והתנסות בפועל, הסרת חששות והגברת בטחון.

התנסות במערכת ZAPIER והתמחות פרקטית ליצירת בטחון וייעול תהליכי עבודה

קורס שיווק אוטומטי - Zapier

סילבוס הקורס

הרשמה ותשלום

איך ליצור אוטומציות בפשטות? איך לייעל את הזמן שלך ולחסוך טעויות? הירשמו וקבלו את המידע בקורס חוויתי ופרקטי הכולל התנסות מעשית

הקורס הינו דיגיטלי

משך הקורס: 4 מפגשים

מחיר 750 ש"ח (במקום מחיר מלא 920 ש"ח)

דרכים להרשמה: BIT / אשראי / PAYPAL

Consulting via MAOF


Is your business in desire for growth?

We are an official consultant of MAOF and Ministry of Economy and Industry. 

Who can get consulting services by MAOF?

Businesses and companies upto 100 emloyees can recieve conusltations in ditial marketing and other fields such as financial, business and more. The amount of hours entitled depends on the company's amount of employees and other criteria decided by MAOF.

To apply to work with us via MAOF please apply here.

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