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Automated Marketing and Customer Experience Course

During the last 5 years we have been experiencing far-reaching changes in the advertising world in general and in the digital sector in particular. The boundaries between digital and reality are almost completely blurred. Our communications are split across loads of channels, and naturally with organizations and brands from which we purchase products and services.


These changes require change in the way an organization works; Translate traditional internal organizational practices into innovative practices that connect departments (such as strengthening collaboration between sales, marketing and service).


Instead of a analyzing results by campaign, we should think of these as parts of a draining puzzle picturing our consumer. What campaigns have affected him? Have we been able to meet his need? If so, which channel is the most beneficial for them? In a world of ever-growing data, the challenge is connecting all of the organization's interfaces with the consumer to an overall, broad and rich customer image that will give us real insights into the customer's needs and interests, enabling us to make marketing much more responsive, relevant and coherent.


Sigal Van-krefeld

What will you learn in the course?

Identifying, tracking and nurturing potential leads until they are converted into customers

Automation of repetitive tasks to save time and resources (sending emails, posting on social networks, reminding customers, etc.)

Creating personalized and personalized email campaigns based on customer data.

Monitoring the performance of marketing campaigns, and making adjustments based on the analysis of the results

Data collection from various sources: website, CRM, campaigns, social networks and more

Understanding customer behavior and purchasing patterns

Making strategic decisions based on data

Development of personalized marketing experiences for each stage of the customer journey

Increasing customer engagement and interaction

01: Automated marketing - from data to the customer with the customer journey

02: Automated Marketing: Practice

04: Building BI reports - friendly data reporting

Creating customized, visual and easy-to-understand reports using BI tools

Simplification and clear presentation of complex data

Sharing reports and insights with other teams in the organization

Support for making data-based strategic decisions by providing business insights

03: Zapier - save time through operational automation

Connecting business applications to create automated workflows

Automation of repetitive routine operational tasks

Supporting the achievement of business goals through streamlining and smoother processes

Improving the efficiency of work processes and business processes

Strengthening data analysis skills

Optimizing work processes

Improving customer experience

Measurement and continuous improvement

?What will I get from this

The marketing automation manager is responsible for identifying processes for automation, selecting and implementing appropriate automation systems to optimize the marketing and sales processes. He programs and maintains the systems, integrates them into the teams, analyzes performance and continuously improves. In doing so, he makes the processes efficient, controlled and results-oriented

Automated marketing and customer experience course for businesses

The purpose of the course : to provide business owners with theoretical knowledge and practical tools to increase revenue through marketing automation and personalization in the digital age.

Target audience: business owners who want to create a customer experience and optimize the marketing budget.

Nilva value: familiarity with the data field and practical experience, removing concerns and increasing security.

The purpose of the course is to help businesses work more effectively in marketing, to expand thinking and manage marketing in a way that is adapted to the digital age.

As part of the course, there will be experience and practice in collaboration with an automatic marketing system common in Israel, which gives course participants an extended package with a free account.

To receive the first episode free of charge

How to create a customer experience? How to optimize the marketing budget? Register and get the information on
An interesting experiential and practical course that includes practical experience

Course contents Automated marketing and customer experience for businesses

1 - A data-based marketing world

• Strategies in digital marketing.
• What is customer experience?
• Advanced marketing communication channels
• A good customer experience increases the ability to recruit customers
• Working with support systems - why and how?
2 - Marketing strategies
Giving value, passing through data. The thinking of advertisers and customers has changed. What do they expect? We as advertisers need to target new places.
• How is data collected?
• What customer information is important for us to collect?
• How do you create an excellent customer experience?
• How do you give value?
• Data-based advertising campaigns
• How do you optimize the advertising budget?

3+4 - Step Up: How does automation create an excellent customer experience?

There are many advertising and marketing channels - we will get to know the main channels, how and when to use them, what we should expect, and how to do the best marketing work possible.
• 1:1 communication - email marketing, SMS - what are good open rates, click rates - how do you motivate action?
• We will learn leading principles in direct marketing
• Marketing automation - what is a customer journey? What types of customer journeys are there? What are customer journey goals?
• Leveraging data for marketing purposes - what is a segment?
5+6 - field experience - free automatic marketing tool
Demonstration and experience with a free automatic marketing system - we will learn how to:
• Establish a multi-channel automated marketing campaign
• Load customer list
• Set a goal for the campaign and create automation
• Methods for embedding forms and landing pages
• Work with CRM
• Creating a pop-up on the website
• Creating mailings
• Construction of SMS
• Our customer journey!
• Participants present a product and provide feedback and group learning

Digital course

Over 6 hours of content

About 30 lessons are produced

At a high level in cooperation with the Peres Academic Center

Price 2,250 NIS (instead of full price 2,750 NIS)

The discount is given on the occasion of the launch until 07/31/2024

Gad Properties

סיגל, את מנטורית במהותך.
השליטה שלך והמקצועיות והאישיות הנינוחה שלך מאפשרת לכל מתלמד להבין את הנלמד בצורה המיטבית.
במסגרת קורס שיווק בדיגיטל, עברתי לוויה מתקנת איתך , הייתי טכנופוב ולאחר הקורס אני כבר שוחה וכל זאת בזכותך ועם ארגז הכלים שאת מביאה איתך.
יישר כוח גדול ובטוח שעוד ניפגש בהמשך.
100% המלצה!!!

Eden Guy, owner

Wow, it will sound like I'm biased but simply wow, the amount of knowledge she has in the whole world of media marketing is unbelievable,
Every software or system we asked about she knows and knows how to advise and direct, every subject we asked - and we asked! She stopped and explained until the last participant in the course told her that he understood and only then did we move forward with the utmost professionalism and patience! 120% recommend
Dear Sigal
I want to thank you very much for the special course you gave
You deliver the course in a professional, fluid, interesting way
And very practical
Just a true professional!
I would love to join your other courses.
With great appreciation 🌹
Yifa Feuchtunger CPA
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