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Strategies for promoting e-commerce sites in 2022

Image by Roberto Cortese

There is no doubt that the volume of activity of ecommerce sites has gained momentum in the last year when it comes to the activities of many businesses. Network sales have helped businesses significantly expand their target audience, created new opportunities for them, significantly improved the customer experience, and also allowed businesses to dramatically reduce the risks they take.

This is the reason more and more businesses have turned in recent years to the establishment of online sales sites, which will help them leverage the business and march it forward. 
What leading trends will characterize the digital activity of businesses running sales sites in 2022? How will a digital transformation of businesses look next year? Here is a summary of leading trends in the world of digital marketing.


9 Effective Ways To Not Get Into The Gmail Promotions Tab - Email Marketing

Image by Solen Feyissa

One of the most significant challenges known, of course, to any email marketing campaign manager (B2C) is the need to reach Gmail's Primary Buffer. Google has an advanced filtering and filtering mechanism, which tries to identify marketing emails and these are at best forwarded to the Promotions folder, and in other cases may even reach the spam folder. In such cases, it is understandable that the effectiveness of the marketing campaign is compromised, since the level of attention of users to emails that reach these folders, and therefore a major and central task that forms the infrastructure for any email marketing campaign, is to redirect the email received from these folders. .

How do you do it right? Here are 9 actions that will assist you in the marketing task through Email Marketing ...

Build a multi-channel customer experience  

In the physical store and in the store  Digital (eCommerce)

Image by Roberto Cortese
Fuse Stereo, a company that markets and imports hundreds of premium products, has presented us with a challenge: to bridge the communication gaps between sales, service, finance, technical support and repairs in the physical store and online activity, streamline sales processes and increase revenue in the digital store.
To this end, we segmented the company's tens of thousands of customers into 5 segments according to purchase characteristics, built a strategy to match the products and messages to each segment and created a dedicated sales offer for the digital store as a business unit, which does not harm the physical store's activity. The representative at each incoming call, by bouncing a card with the customer's contact history and purchases. And the result: a 30% increase in sales in the digital store.

The organization's challenges in implementing a customer-based concept

מרכז שירות גיל ני.PNG

A service company in the automotive field, which sets a goal for revenue growth. The company's management advocates a customer-centric approach (Customer Centric). Now the question arises - do and how do marketing efforts support this business approach? We found out not. We did in-depth work with the team and came up with results we hoped for.  

Establishing a business unit through an eCommerce website 


A project that started with a supplier that set up trading sites "on the road", became the company's flagship project.

A company that manages 3 warehouses and sells equipment in a number of markets has the goal of increasing its sales volume through online sales. What were the project phases and the main challenges of the company systems we faced? 

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