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Digital Strategy

Making Business Processes in Organizations Efficient by Technological Means, Connecting internal processes with Marketing Channels Enables Revenue Growth, Increase Efficiency, and Improve Customer Experience

Marketing Automation

Managing and implementing Marketing Automation in organizations including building goal-based business campaigns in collaboration with sales, marketing and management, measuring results and improving ongoing performance

Project Management

A successful digital project is measured by meeting schedules, budget and quality metrics. Comprehensive planning and characterization of enterprise requirements significantly reduces time and costs and improves product quality

Reaching our destination

Digital has become a vital component of communicating with customers and interested in various business goals, including recruiting new customers and increasing market share, retaining customers, improving customer experience, and increasing customer value.

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Our Services


Building a work plan to reach business Objective


Refining strategy and detection of best suitable technology

 Gap Analysis

Mapping existing processes Resources and Schedule

Business Objectives

Defining business goals and Key Success Indicators


פנייתך נשלחה בהצלחה! בדקת את המייל?

Tel. 03-3817779

Yegi'a Kapayim 2, Tel Aviv


Ariel Bortnik, Co-CEO Atomi

Locating technologies, characterizing customer information systems, and adapting data management technology solutions. In marketing, Sigal was responsible for building a creative concepts, customer campaigns and marketing workflows, while closely measuring effectiveness and ROI.

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Tomer Gelbert, VP Hadassah Medical

Establishing the company's digital marketing efforts and managing ongoing marketing channels, building annual work plans and managing budgets, initiating new marketing channels, improving advertising effectiveness through detecting and implementing CRM and telephony systems in the organization. Researching and analyzing target audiences


Ophira Avishay, VP Marketing Communications and Digital, Union Motors

We at Union Motors' marketing communications team have worked together regularly for 3 years. Sigal built digital marketing programs, identified and implemented new digital marketing channels, provided professional advice, conducted lesson-making processes, exhibited broad horizons, with great dedication and diligence


Consulting via MAOF

Is your business in desire for growth?

We are an official consultant of MAOF and Ministry of Economy and Industry. 

Who can get consulting services by MAOF?

Businesses and companies upto 100 emloyees can recieve conusltations in ditial marketing and other fields such as financial, business and more. The amount of hours entitled depends on the company's amount of employees and other criteria decided by MAOF.

To apply to work with us via MAOF please apply here.

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